The DW Expenses app is the way YOU need to communicate all of your reimbursable expenses to the DreamWeavers administrative team. It is the only way we can track, categorize and pay your expenses. 

It really is very simple.

  • You must be on your DreamWeavers issued device (phone works best) If you use the app from somebody else's phone, they will get paid for it
  • You must be logged into to your DreamWeavers Email (if yo are on your computer, otherwise your phone will log you in automatically)
  1. Open the app
  2. hit the + button
  3. Verify the user is you
  4. Search, select, or add a vendor
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Select the appropriate category  (s)
    1. Select only 1
    2. If you select "other" you need to enter a description
    3. If you select "Billable to Job" you will need to enter a job. (hopefully this will auto-populate at some point
  7. )
  8. Pictures of the receipt are required. If you have a .pdf instead,. You can upload .pdf's or images)


Here are some links to get going

Browser App

Install link (For your Phone)